Hybrid Cloud – Resource Sharing At Its Best

hybrid cloud solution challenges

In all types of activity resource sharing provides the most efficient results.  This is true of cooperatives that use common resources to benefit all its members.  This is true of even such simple things as laundry shops that maximize the use of the same set of equipment to provide a service to many people.  Some call the efficient use of resources that result the economy of scale.  But in a sense all of these are benefits derived from the proper sharing of resources.  In fact, ours will be a much happier world if only peoples and societies can learn to share resources better.

Cloud based services also offer resource sharing on a large scale.  Their servers, data storage units, applications and other IT resources are provided for the use of their clients for a fee.  These clients then do not have to allocate large amounts for the purchase of servers, data storage, and application software – they just have to pay a fee for the privilege of sharing the cloud solution provider’s IT resources.   And a hybrid cloud as best offered by cloudvelox,  provides the best example of resource sharing at its best.

What is a hybrid cloud?  A hybrid cloud is a combination of a private cloud and public cloud services where several overlaps exist between the two environments.  It combines services and data from both environments to create a hybrid model that provides the business enterprise with the best features of both private and public clouds. Top hybrid cloud solution challenges are often met by integration professionals.

Those computing activities and data which need to be most secure, for example, can be done in a private cloud environment where the business owner directly controls security protocols.  Private cloud environments are created, managed and controlled by the business owner, so the trade-off is better security for a whole lot more expense and attention.  Work and data which are not so sensitive may be done in the more affordable public cloud environment which requires little or no attention from the business owner.  With proper implementation hybrid cloud solutions will always provide the most efficient resource-sharing solution for your company’s needs.

To be sure there remain hybrid cloud solution challenges to face but organizations like the International Association – Cloud and Managed Service Providers     are burning midnight oil to find ways to improve their services.

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