McKinsey & Company Voted Best Employer by Employees

A survey of employees of Management consulting firms has named McKinsey & Company as the best of the best management consulting firms to work for in 2016.Out of 515 employee reviews of the company, 323 gave McKinsey & Company 5 stars out of 5 while 168 people gave it 4 stars, 23 gave it 3 stars and the least number of stars it received were 2 stars from just one person.

The survey was conducted by “” to find the best marketing for consultants firms to work for in 2016.One of the most common advantages of working at the firm is the opportunity employees get to grow their careers. The company seems to have created an atmosphere where it is more than just performing a nine to five duty and then leaving.

Many of the employees note that they have been able to learn a lot by working at the Firm so with every day they are getting better at whatever they do.

Related to that is the number of professionals employed at McKinsey & Company, one of the reviewers notes that you can find just about any type of professional working at the company and they will be willing to help you improve by sharing the knowledge and experience they already have from working with other industry professionals.

The opportunity for travel is also listed among the upsides of working at the consulting firm. Being able to travel gives the employees a chance to gain international exposure.

McKinsey and Company may not be the highest paying management consulting firm but the salary was mentioned as well, as one of the perks of working for the firm. This was the case depending on the respondent’s position in the company as well as the number of years spent working there.

Overall though the Salary at McKinsey is not bad according to a separate survey carried out on the salaries paid by the best management consulting firms, it does have a competitive pay.


Well like any other company, it cannot all be rosy, there were a few complaints about working for McKinsey.One of the most common downside to working at the firm is the amount of work the employees are expected to do.Most of the respondents of the survey pointed out that they are required to work long hours which can be physically draining.

The employees though seem to have a way to cope with the long hours. Some mention being able to talk about it with fellow employees and share ideas how to go about it.“Being able to find people you can talk to makes the long hours pass by faster and offers an opportunity to relax” one of the reviewers said.

The Survey

The best management and consulting firms survey covered a much wider scope than the things mentioned above.McKinsey & Company scored top in most of the categories like diversity and prestige.

The diversity category considered things like how easy it is for people with disability to work there as well as military veterans and minority groups like gays and lesbians.The company was number 1 in all those categories although it came in second for LGBT.

The Company

The History of McKinsey & Company dates as far back as 1926 when it started as an accounting consultancy. Since then it has made a name for itself in the consulting industry to the extent that even simple people know about the company or have heard its name before. Its prestigious position in the industry makes it not just the one of the best management consulting firms to work for but also the best in the business.

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